Quarantine Reading Goals

In Target runs alone I’m gaining a few hours a week with this quarantine. Might as well use it to accomplish some goals. Here are the books I’ve been meaning to read:

  • Beckoff, Marc – Rewilding Our Hearts
  • Carson, Rachel – The Sense of Wonder 
  • Cobb, Edith – The Ecology of Imagination 
  • Gray, Peter – Free to Learn
  • Konner, Melvin – The Evolution of Childhood
  • Lillard, Angeline Stoll – Montessori: the Science Behind the Genius 
  • Nabhan, Gary Paul – The Geography of Childhood 
  • Paley, Vivian Gussin – A Child’s Work: the Importance of Fantasy Play
  • Pyle, Robert Michael – The Thunder Tree: Lessons from an Urban Wildland